Q Warriors at Work during Coronavirus Pandemic

Q Warriors at Work during Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world continues to reel due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, according to statistics collated by Worldometer, Germany is currently in 16th place in the ranking of infections worldwide, with more than 200,000 recorded infections to date of writing. In a time when many vulnerable people are/ or were confined to their homes because of lockdown and/or quarantine procedures, what better time has there been for (Q)uarantine Warriors to come to the rescue?

This is precisely what EFMP German partner, HTW/O, in collaboration with Samsung Electronics, managed to organise. From the early stages of the pandemic, using the slogan, ‘Together we are strong’, they deployed Q Warriors to help those in need of assistance with basic requirements, such as grocery shopping and dog walking. The Q Warriors were operational throughout most of Germany, where they worked in 11 different towns and cities; from Mainz to Magdeburg, Bremen to Berlin, as well as in 7 other towns in between, for 40 days, from 04/11/2020 to 04/22/2020.

 HTW/O incorporated pictures of their agents working in each of the designated areas into a HTW/O/ Samsung promotional PowerPoint presentation, as well as into their promotional videos, displayed on YouTube or by means of online digital promoters. This served to demonstrate a personalised, friendly approach, motivated by goodwill, and a desire to offer assistance in time of need, on the part of HTW/O and Samsung; while also effectively conveying product information.

The preparation to co-ordinate the Q Warrior activity, as well as to prepare for a more digitally-oriented business operation, was a task that involved significant organisation on the part of HTW/O. This comprised applying a schedule for implemented and on-going activities, which reflected the timelines set for the various activities to be carried out. It was necessary to line up 2020 online training participants; to organise the Q Warriors; to make promotional videos and set up a YouTube video; to facilitate the digital promoter to run at the appointed times, and to organise the online forum.

Apart from their charitable volunteer activity, the Q Warrior network was integrally involved in the handling of the online forum. Their objective was to provide support for optimising Samsung’s online presence by providing product information; promoting new products and /or doing comparative analysis between the components of various Samsung products; as well as by responding to any criticisms or complaints, by offering useful tips relevant to the assembling, and to ensure the optimal usage, of the Samsung Electronic equipment purchased, while making sure to follow the Table of Contents outlined in the product booklet for ease of reference. All problems aired on this online Forum and the solutions provided, were then collated and translated into printable form for future use.

These measures undertaken by HTW/O and Samsung to respond to the needs of their customers in Germany during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic were significant, and involved a huge amount of effort and co-ordination to action.

But it was an action that was well worthwhile, both in terms of the humanitarian effort to render assistance in a time of crisis, as well as in terms of brand promotion.  It is also significant that HTW/O were quick to think ‘out of the box’ and quick to respond in a way that was meaningful for both consumers and their client during the early phases of the pandemic.

 Well done to them.