The German Field Marketing landscape is changing

The German Field Marketing landscape is changing, and HTW/O use it to their advantage


The EFMP’s German Partners, HTW/O, are using the recent changes to labour laws as an opportunity to expand their core services and offer their customers a more bespoke and reliable service which enables them to stand out from their competitors.

Field marketing agencies aim to provide customers with the best possible service with regards to maximising sales, image transfer, conception and execution of marketing strategies and an efficient, transparent cost model. Numerous external factors affect the environments in which these agencies operate and its crucial to their success that they are aware and act swiftly when necessary. With the combination of an ever-changing political landscape, digital and technological progressions, and constantly evolving requirements placed on agencies, it is paramount that they adapt timeously to take advantage of opportunities and keep ahead of the game.

Germany’s Field Marketing agencies have traditionally operated by employing freelancers as opposed to fully employed staff. This is all set to change with new laws ruling that agency work forces need to be fully employed. The changes will have positive tax implications for the government but will force agencies and customers alike to re-think the way they operate, especially with regards to their work forces in the below-the-line (BTL) field. The implementation of fully-employed promoters and/or salesmen into the BTL environment is largely considered to be necessary, reasonable and sound, but will not suit everyone.  

HTW/O is a market leader in their field and are looking to use these changes to their advantage to strengthen and further expand their position. By mid 2019 HTW/O will be providing their existing and new customers with a modularized full-service work model system. This system will offer a fully-tailored solution for each and every customer, leaving them to decide on the type of work force they require to carry out the job.  In order to give customers, the guidance and expertise needed to execute their ideas and wishes, HTW/O is widening its portfolio to include capabilities which did not belong to their core competences in the past.  They are currently strengthening their structure by recruiting experts within the field, including HR expertise and legal counselling, and compiling relevant information and data.

HTW/O cannot predict further changes to the market in coming years but by being proactive they have managed to futureproof themselves to deal with many obstacles. Being able to offer fully-employed promoters along with freelancers gives them the edge in the German market and allows them to offer the best possible consulting and services to their customers. Moreover, a strong foundation is set to cope with any future political decisions in regard of labour law and tax law to come.